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Anne Habermehl was guest speaker at the Space Coast Creation Club on Oct. 8, 2019, in Cocoa, FL. Her topic was,  "The Effects of the Tower of Babel Religion Down Through the Years to Today." Location: Room 2, Cocoa Main Library (Catherine Schweinsberg Rood Central Library), 308 Forest Ave, Cocoa FL. For further details on this club, which meets the second Tuesday of every month, contact Alfred Menendez at .


Papers by me, Anne Habermehl, are now posted on the web site at:

They are listed on this page below my profile. Each listing has a link to the entire paper.

These papers cover various topics. I like finding things, and hence I wrote papers on the search for Noah's Ark, the location of the Tower of Babel, and where Sodom has to be. Chronology is a major interest of mine, and there are papers on biblical/Egyptian history (for example, who was the pharaoh of the Exodus?), who was Shishak? and when did Abraham live on the secular timeline? How do the secular and biblical timelines diverge? Who really were the Neanderthals? I like archaeology, and did a paper on Gobekli Tepe, the amazing ancient site in Turkey. I also wrote on Egypt and the Ice Age. There is also a three-part paper on Job (did you know that he was  Jobab who ruled Edom from Bozrah?).

The 2018 International Conference on Creationism in Pittsburgh, PA, was held July 29Aug. 1. PDFs of all the papers that were presented there are available online. To access them, go to On the left, under the photos that are flashing, is a line "Paper PDFs" with a link to the abstracts; these are in alphabetical order of the authors. At the bottom of each abstract is a "download" button for the paper.

Anne Habermehl presented the following two papers at the 2018 ICC:

    "A Creationist View of Gobekli Tepe: Timeline and Other Considerations." This paper shows approximately when on the biblical timeline the Gobekli Tepe archaeological monument was built. This paper is online at:

    "The Ipuwer Papyrus and the Exodus." This paper shows why the ancient Egyptian manuscript describing catastrophic conditions in Egypt supports the biblical Exodus. This paper is onlineat:

Other papers by Anne Habermehl (see the link to above to access these papers, if not linked here).

"Chronology and the Gezer Connection: Solomon, Thutmose III, Shishak and Hatshepsut." This paper is in the Journal of Creation, Vol. 32(2)2018, pp. 8390. Its subject: who Solomon's father-in-law had to be, and who Shishak was.

A two-part paper "Sodom" has been published in the
Journal of Creation, Vol. 31(2)2017, pp. 5360 and pp. 7177. Sodom: Part 1 shows why the Land of Sodom had to have been located north of the Dead Sea on the west side of the river. Sodom: Part II discusses timeline and other implications. An abstract on this paper appears here.

Dating Prehistoric Musical Instruments: The Two timelines

Where in the world is the Tower of Babel?

Those enigmatic Neanderthals

A review of the search for Noah's Ark

Revising the Egyptian Chronology: Joseph as Imhotep, and Amenemhat IV as the Pharaoh of the Exodus

Ancient Egypt, the Ice Age, and Biblical Chronology


Essays on various subjects by Anne Habermehl

Comments on "Patterns of Evidence" Book by Timothy P. Mahony

Where Did the Children of Israel Cross the Red Sea?

The Meaning of the Tower of Babel

The Rododendron: Creation's Thermometer


Newsletters by Anne Habermehl

Newsletter No. 1: July 2015

Newsletter No. 2: October 2015

Newsletter No. 3: January 2016
    Pictures of Gbekli Tepe, Turkey and a short essay about Gbekli Tepe.
    Pictures of Sogmatar, Turkey
    Pictures of Harran, Turkey 

Newsletter No. 4: April 2016

Newsletter No. 5: September 2016

Newsletter:No. 6: May 2017

Newsletter No. 7: February 2018

My Tribute to Jack Cuozzo


What Anne Habermehl Has Been Up To

"Archaeoacoustics and the Fall of Jericho" was presented by Anne Habermehl via poster at the Archaeoacoustics III conference in Tomar, Portugal, Oct. 58, 2017. The paper on this subject has appeared in the conference proceedings.

"Dating Prehistoric Musical Instruments: The Two timelines" was presented by Anne Habermehl at the Archaeoacoustics II conference in Istanbul, Turkey, on October 31, 2015. This paper is posted here; it also appears in the conference proceedings and on

"Let Creationists Think!" Title of talk by Anne Habermehl at the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship's meeting on Dec. 12, 2014. She gave challenges on the location of Noah's Ark, the location of the Tower of Babel, the Septuagint, and other topics. The RMCF web site is at .

"Music and Neanderthals: An Alternative Point of View" was the topic of a paper presented by Anne Habermehl via poster at the Archaeoacoustics I conference held Feb. 1922, 2014, in Malta. Go here for a report on this conference, the poster, and her paper, now posted, Music and Neanderthals: An Alternative Point of View. 

"The Role of Science in Determining the Resting Place of the Ark" was the topic of a paper presented by Anne Habermehl at The International Noah and Mount Cudi Symposium, held in Sirnak, Turkey, Sept. 2729, 2013.
Report on the Sirnak conference

Some Pictures from the Trip to Sirnak

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