Creationism and What Bathroom You Use
Or, What Is the World Coming To?
Introduction of the
Handy Habermehl Rule of Thumb for Liberals

By Anne Habermehl

The biblical creationist view is that in the beginning God created humans male and female. There were to be two kinds of humans, one group with one kind of plumbing and one group with the other kind of plumbing. This is a fairly simple concept that doesnít seem as if it would be too hard to understand. I rather like the sign that one restaurant in Virginia posted out front on May 9, 2016: "We have a menís room. We have a ladiesí room. If this confuses you, we can help!" ( A day after this sign hit the media, it was changed. Pity. This sign made sense.

We evangelical Bible-believing Christians believe that gays and lesbians are anti scripture in their behavior, and their insistence on marriage to be clearly against Godís plan for men and women. Surely that was as far as things would go? Well, apparently not.

Now we have blurring of the sexes, so that we are now told that we have to kowtow to men who "identify" with being a woman, and women who "identify" as men. This is troublesome because this idiocy has now reached that last bastion of womenís privacy, that one place where women could be sure that they were secure from menís peering eyes: the womenís bathroom. No proof that these men are card-carrying transgender people is needed, you understand. They merely have to state that they identify as a woman. And we have to take their word for it. (And if a man who identifies as a woman marries a woman who identifies as a woman, does this make them a gay couple? It makes my brain feel tired to think of all the implications of this.)

I have seen a lot of things happen in recent years because of the advent of ferocious liberalism. But I never, never would have guessed that I would ever be typing a piece like this. Have the people who promote this bathroom nonsense totally lost their minds? Yes.

You would think that simple common sense would apply. Because the vast majority of women do not want strange men in their bathrooms, and because there is an element of danger of being molested involved, you would expect that nobody would ever dream of letting men into womenís bathrooms. (I am speaking only for women here, since being a woman is what I know most about.)

But with liberals, common sense does not apply. For many years Iíve watched liberals, and have developed what I call the Handy Habermehl Rule for Liberals. It runs like this:

On any issue, lay out the pertinent facts.
Arrive at a sensible and logical conclusion, based on those facts.
What the liberals will believe will be the opposite of that sensible and logical conclusion.

Try this rule out, and you will find that it works every time.

This is because what liberals choose to believe is based on ideas that they have invented out of thin air, and they most certainly do not consult the Bible when they develop their beliefs. They then prop up those ideas and demand that you bow to them. If you find that trying to hold a reasonable discussion with these people is like batting at the wind, this is why.

So back to the bathrooms. The principle that has been set out by the addle-brained idiots is that we have to be all inclusive. The trouble is that only their liberal interpretation of this need apply. Never mind that the rights and safety and comfort of the vast majority of women are compromised by the liberalsí interpretation. They are blind and deaf to reason.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Already a large group of parents are suing a high school about permitting boys in the girlsí bathrooms and changing rooms. The girls are petrified about having these boys in their territory. ( )

Target stores are currently in the news on this. They have announced to the entire world that their restrooms will now be open to anyone who "identifies" as the opposite sex. A million people have signed a boycott of Target. I myself have never gotten involved in a boycott before, but this time itís different. I will never buy anything from Target unless they rescind this absurd edict. For a retailer to shoot itself in the foot like this seems rather strange. Does Target want to make money or push liberal idealism? If the liberals are now running Target, then Target is sure in big trouble!

Meanwhile, we Christians have to stand up to the onslaught of anti-biblical ideas in our society. Let us not be brainwashed by liberal ideas that can only come from the Evil One.

I recommend the excellent piece on this subject that appeared on the Creation Ministries International web site on May 24, 2016: .