About Anne Habermehl

Anne Habermehl is a researcher, writer and speaker on creationist topics. As this web site title implies, she believes that the entire universe was created by God in six literal days.

She graduated from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada,  in 1964 with a B.Sc. Chemistry was her major subject. In the years since, she has done many things: work as a chemist, scientific writer and editor, high school teacher, business owner, news reporter and photographer, church organist/choir director, gospel pianist, harpist, singer. In recent years she has taken an interest in ancient history as it relates to the Bible, especially with respect to chronology.

Anne lives in Cortland, New York, with her husband, Herb. She was born, raised and educated in Ontario, Canada, but has lived in New York State since 1969. She loves to travel, especially in foreign countries.


You can email Anne at: anneh  twcny.rr.com. Put an @ sign where the two spaces are. (This is to outwit the spammers' robots.)