Welcome to creationsixdays.net!

As you can tell from its title, this site is dedicated to the biblical belief that God created this world and the entire universe less than 10,000 years ago, and that He did it in six literal days. In my researches I find that this is a perfectly tenable thesis, backed by true science.

The purpose of this site is to encourage you to think. We creationists are people who do not follow the popular crowd; indeed, we now live in an era when believing what the Bible literally says is very unpopular, especially in scientific circles. Yes, we believe, but we must think as well. We need to have answers for those who doubt.

Within the creationist community, there are some subjects that are not agreed upon. On this site, I give my own views on these things, and my reasons why. You may not agree with me, but if you do not, let me challenge you  to examine why you believe what you believe. Merely accepting tradition, or what you have always been told, or scholarly consensus, is not good enough.

Let creationists think!

With God's blessings,
Anne Habermehl, B.Sc.
Creationist researcher, author and speaker