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Newsletter from Anne Habermehl    No. 4   April 2016

Greetings to all my friends! Time has gone by, and up here in the north we are grateful for the mild winter that we have had. Now it is spring and we are enjoying some sunshine. I have a theory that we appreciate nice weather more because we have less of it than some people in other places. There are birds singing, too, and that is a treat because we don't hear birds all winter. In Florida, where we recently spent a week, they tell us that the birds sing all year round.

I am also grateful that we live in a country that is still fairly safe. As I mentioned in my last newsletter, I was in Istanbul, Turkey, last year for the Archaeoacoustics II conference that was organized by the OTSF Foundation (see their archaeoacoustics page here: ). I was fortunate in the timing of this conference (Oct. 30, 31, Nov. 1) which took place before Turkey shot down a Russian airplane on Nov. 4, not a great distance from where our group toured Gbekli Tepe. There have been continuing troubles since, including a terrorist bomb that went off in Istanbul last month, not far from the hotel where I stayed. A group of us had gone to find a restaurant on foot through that shopping district, and everything had seemed peaceful. It goes to show that you never know what might happen. The paper that I presented at that conference, "Dating Prehistorical Musical Instruments: The Two Timelines," is posted here on my web site. It is based on my researches on timeline revision, correlating the biblical timeline with the secular one. Their next conference has been announced for October, 2018, in Portugal. Because this is a secular conference, my presentations are based on a different worldview than that of many of the other attendees.

Timeline is a subject that constantly comes up when I read about scholars who cast doubt on the veracity of the biblical narrative. They usually do so on the basis of claiming that the Bible is wrong in its dates, or that some things never happened at all because they can't find any evidence of it on their timeline. A couple of web sites that I've picked almost at random are and . When I see material like this I am struck all over again how important it is that we be able to give an answer for what we believe. And we must understand where and how the secular and biblical timelines diverge, because this is the only way that we can explain to these people where they are wrong and why their unbelief is unfounded.

This is by way of leading up to the Creation Research Society conference that will be held July 2930 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I've registered for the conference and hope to see many of you there! I've submitted an abstract to the committee with the title "The Gezer Connection: Solomon, His Pharaoh Father-in-Law, Shishak, and Hatshepsut." This will become a paper that will sort out who these people were (and were not―Hatshepsut was not the Queen of Sheba). But what is really important is that on the secular timeline Solomon appears much earlier than everyone believes. This means that they need to look for his stables and everything else around 1500 BC on their timeline because I have found that the divergence of the timelines is close to 500 years at the time of Solomon.

When chronology is discussed, the subject of the Septuagint (LXX) Greek translation of the Old Testament comes up now and then, especially with respect to the genealogies of Genesis 5 and 11. (These genealogies lengthen the amount of time back to the Flood and to Creation.) An informative article on the LXX has just been published on the ABR web site at . I recommend this article to those who are interested in the LXX, as it is an excellent summary.

In my last letter I  mentioned my friend, Bill Crouse, who has been involved in Noah's Ark search studies for many years. The Journal of Creation has published an article by Bill in its latest issue, Vol. 30(1) 2016, "The Geography of Genesis 8:4" (pp. 5662). Those interested in this subject will find his historical information most informative.

One subject that I've been working on again is the connection between ziggurats/pyramids and the original Tower of Babel. It's now nearly ten years since I first began to think about this topic, and I feel that its time has come.  The evil pagan religion that those rebellious people developed back then has carried on down through the millennia, symbolized by the ziggurats/pyramids that have been built everywhere, and this religion is all about us in the world today. Satan is very active in ways that we may not always recognize and He will stop at nothing to deceive people, even Christians. We need to be vigilant!

The 2018 International Conference on Creationism has just been announced by the Creation Science Fellowship in Pittsburgh, PA. The dates are July 29Aug. 1, 2018. Mark your calendar! This is an event not to be missed, not only for the papers that are presented, but also for the opportunity to meet the large group of creationists there. This conference is held only every 5 years now, a pity, because it is such a valuable experience.

Best wishes and God's blessings,

Anne Habermehl
Creationist researcher, author and speaker
Cortland, New York, USA

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