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Newsletter from Anne Habermehl    No. 3   January 2016

Greetings from Cortland, New York, where winter has finally arrived after a mild and snowless December. We had endured the longest, hardest winter in memory last year, and up here in the north we have been grateful for this recent long run of mild weather. But some things are the same every year, it seems, and one of them is the efforts of anti-Christian people to stamp out the real meaning of Christmas, and, indeed, the very word "Christmas" itself. The world has gotten so totally out of kilter that people will go to great efforts to avoid offending one or two atheists, while at the same time offending the great majority who are Christian. Somehow when I wasn't looking, the tail started to wag this dog. I trust that you all had a merry Christmas as you celebrated Christ's birth.

Since I last wrote, I've been to Turkey, where I joined a small group that visited Gbekli Tepe. This ancient archaeological site, located in south Turkey at the edge of the Harran plain, has been discussed periodically in creationist circles. I've written my own thoughts about it here, and have put some of my photos here. The group also briefly visited Harran, where Abraham lived for a few years until his father, Terah, died. I've put some photos of my visit here. We also visited a village called Sogmatar, that was a major center of moon, sun and planet worship two thousand years ago. Some photos are here.

While in Turkey, I presented a paper at the Archaeoacoustics II conference in Istanbul, Dating Prehistorical Musical Instruments: The Two Timelines. I set up the biblical and evolutionary timelines, and then connected them by means of events and people that we know from both secular and biblical history. (An example of a bridge between the two timelines: the Exodus). Then I put two dates, biblical and secular, on a list of ancient musical instruments gleaned from history. My largely secular archaeological audience, well indoctrinated in the secular dates for everything, got to see how the creationist timeline works out. This paper will be published on my web site shortly at . The paper will also be published in the conference proceedings; the conference organizers generously allow the authors to publish their papers separately as they choose.

My friend, Bill Crouse, has written a review of the documentary, "Finding Noah." It's online here: . The documentary includes filming of search expeditions on Mount Ararat, and also stories of eyewitnesses who claim to have seen the Ark. The title of the documentary is somewhat misleading, as Crouse points out, because they did not find either Noah or the Ark. Bill believes, as I do, that the Ark landed in the vicinity of Mount Cudi, near the Syrian/Iraqi/Turkish border. Bill has been doing research on the Ark for many years; his web site has links to his writings on the subject of Ark search.

As we enter the new year, we may wonder what God has in store for us, especially in the area of creationism. It is easy to be discouraged if we let our eyes wander onto the enemy's territory. There are people there who have only disparaging things to say about us. Let us instead keep our eyes on the positive things that are happening, and always remember that God has good things for us!

I wish you all a very fruitful new year, full of God's blessings.

Anne Habermehl
Creationist researcher, author and speaker
Cortland, New York, USA

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